Honeywagons was established late 1983 and commenced business on the 5th of January 1984. The first location shoot completed was for Vogue Australia. Since that day Honeywagons have gone from strength to strength, improving its client base and the Honeywagon trucks.

Honewagons began with the early Toyota minibus thru to the Mazda minibuses. Honeywagons then developed a purpose built Mercedes walk thru 912 turbo diesel vehicle. The present day vehicles include an expanding side Isuzu which has taken Honeywagons from a stills production vehicle to be a front runner in the television commercial production, make up & wardrobe & production vehicle supplier. To peruse the Honeywagons please go to the link to look at the exterior & interior of the vehicles available. Also available with each vehicle are built in Honeypots (toilets) generators and steamers.

Honeywagons has long been the preferred choice of all national & international fashion editors when shooting editorial & advertorials in Australia. Photographers also prefer to utilise Honeywagons simply because of the abundant work space thru out Honeywagons.

The drivers and staff are always obliging & can generally assist with local knowledge regarding locations wind buffers, permit information and just about every aspect of a location shoot that may arise.

The design was conceived after a number of years working with clients not only from Australia but from all over the world. Honeywagons has learnt from clients from Europe, USA, Asia & all points of the globe who come to our shores to capture the essence of beautiful Sydney. Not only is Sydney one of the most picturesque cities in the world but the climate is also favourable to location shoots all year round.

As we move into the 21st century Honeywagons shall endeavour to set the pace of the location vehicle industry with new concepts and stratagies to keep our part of the industry on par with or ahead of the rest of the world.

Honeywagons thrives and looks forward to your feed back on how we can improve our service to you and our industry.